Goodwin Drive


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Location: Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

Easy climb up from Reynolds Bach Drive to meet Kiln and Pinehaven Ridge.

Grade: Easy

Access: Bike and Foot

This track provides an easy entry to, or exit from, the northern end of the eastern Hutt hills - certainly much easier than the deeply rutted Kiln track that starts 1.3km to the northeast.

From Reynolds Bach Drive to the intersection of Kiln and Pinehaven Ridge is a 70m climb at a moderate 10% average grade.

The track's name comes from a "street sign" at the top, though no other reference to the name has been found.

Getting there:
Turn off the Eastern Hutt Road and go almost 1km up Reynolds Bach Drive. The track starts with a metal barrier set back from the road in a grassy area on a corner.

The track ends at the intersection of Kiln and Pinehaven Ridge.

Other notes:
Reynolds Bach Drive is the deadend access road for the Silverstream landfill. There are two gates across the road - the top gate, next to the water pumping station, is locked whenever the landfill is closed; the lower gate, next to the railway museum is sometimes open when the landfill is closed but don't count on it. If you have a car, then probably best to park it on the flat next to the Eastern Hutt Road and then bike up Reynolds Bach Drive.

Length: 0.77km

Conditions: 4wd

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