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Location: Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

Difficult entry to the northern end of the eastern Hutt hills, from Kiln Street.

Grade: Advanced

Access: Bike and Foot

From Kiln Street head along a flat path as shown on the map. Turn to the left of a shed and cross a rather unpleasent little creek.

Then head up a steep and deeply rutted clay track. The climb is short, but will probably require a bit of walking and bike carrying. Descending down this section is challenging even under the best of conditions - when wet, parts of the steep section are very slippery and difficult.

The rest of the climb is relatively tame, apart from a few axle-deep mud puddles (though it is easy enough to go around them).

At the top is a T-intersection. The track going up to the left is Pinehaven Ridge, while the track going down to the right is Goodwin Drive (which is a much easier way to reach or exit from that point).

Getting there:
Starts on Kiln Street in Silverstream.

Ends at an intersection with Goodwin Drive and Pinehaven Ridge.

Length: 1.47km

Conditions: Single track

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