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Location: Akatarawa Forest, Wellington, New Zealand

Forestry road from McGhies Bridge to the northern edge of the Valley View Forest block.

Grade: Easy

Access: Bike and Foot

Starting from McGhies Bridge, this track climbs up a moderately steep gravel road and then saunters down to a large clearing. There are several short patches of old seal emerging through the mostly gravel surface.

From the cleraing, either return the same way or ascend a very steep section of Valley View Road (aka 'Three Skulls Road') to the ridgeline. Woolshed Road also ends at the clearing, though that track is best done as a downhill.

Getting there:
Starts at the top of Karapoti Gorge.

Ends at a three-way intersection with Valley View Road and Woolshed Road.

Other notes:
This track forms part of the Karapoti Challenge course.

Length: 2.05km

Conditions: Gravel road

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