Spicer Forest


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Location: Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

Ridgeline wander through the Spicer Forest.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Closed (see other notes below)

From the Ohariu Valley Road end this track starts with a steep climb straight up the hill. The rest of the track is relatively gentle, following a rolling ridgeline along a continuous clearly through the forest.

Although the Te Araroa Walkway continues up the hill towards Colonial Knob South, that section of track is unridable. Therefore, either return the same way or turn into Broken Hill and perhaps then dive off down Tawa Singletrack.

Getting there:
A few metres before the end of Ohariu Valley Road there is a gate on the eastern side of the road, just on the edge of the forest. If you look carefully, you'll see the Te Araroa markers - follow them up the hill.

Ends at an intersection with Broken Hill.

Other notes:
If you're planning to ride in Porirua's Spicer Forest, or the Te Araroa Walkway, please remember the whole forest – including the forest section of the walkway – is closed to the public until December 2014.

Spicer Forest is a construction site and access route while Meridian builds the Mill Creek wind farm.

You can still use the diverted Te Araroa Walkway, which avoids Spicer Forest. The walkway is accessible through Ohariu Valley Road and the Colonial Knob walkway. Maps at the site show the diverted route.

There's a map of the diversion here: map. Also see Turbine Diversion.

If you have any questions call Meridian on 0800 MILLCK (0800 645525)

Length: 1.67km

Conditions: Single track

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