Cannons Head


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Location: Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Farm track connection from Dress Circle to Duck Creek.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

This is a quick way to drop from the Belmont Regional Park hill tops down towards Porirua. Alternatively, this is a demanding climb.

From the intersection with Dress Circle, the first section is a gentle cruise along a grassy farm track. After abruptly dropping down a very steep (28%) grassy slope to a gate, the track continues down the hill along a sheep track before opening out to a rocky farm road under the transmission lines. This road will take you down to an intersection, where you have a choice of continuing along the gravel road (which is Duck Creek) or head up the hill opposite via Maara Roa.

Getting there:
Top end branches off Dress Circle about 0.9km from the Cannons Head summit, or about 0.6km from Round Knob, at a sign that says "Cannons Creek".

The bottom end is on Duck Creek, almost opposite the end of Maara Roa.

Length: 1.44km

Conditions: Double track

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