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Location: Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Grassy connector from OCR Belmont to Hill Road.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

This is a useful connection between OCR Belmont and Hill Road – useful because it provides additional options for loops within the Belmont Regional Park.

Most of the track is across open paddock or grassy farm road. On the way down towards Hill Road, watch out for an abrupt change in direction part way down the hill – go around to the left on a flatish road instead of continuing down the steep hill to the trees.

Easiest if starting from the OCR Belmont end, due to the quite steep 110m drop in altitude across the paddocks.

Getting there:
If heading north on OCR Belmont, 400m after emerging from the trees, follow the "Hill Road" signpost that points up a hill.

The other end of this track is on Hill Road, just over 1km from the car park. It is marked with a sign that says, amongst other things, "Old Coach Road".

Other notes:
0.2km from the OCR Belmont end there is the option of climbing up to a lookout next to a power transmission pylon. This diversion is marked with a sign that says "View Point".

Length: 1.53km

Conditions: Single track

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