Horokiwi Valley


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Location: Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Valley floor connector from Baked Beans Bend to Horokiwi Bridleway.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

Venturing beyond Baked Beans Bend, this track will take you further up the Horokiwi Valley. Along the way, about 0.5km north of Baked Beans Bend, the Honeysuckle Ridge track heads up the eastern hill.

After following the creek (and crossing it several times), you'll emerge from the bush into a grassy clearing. Looking to both the left and the right you'll see Horokiwi Bridleway climbing up both sides of the valley - apart from returning the way you came that's the only way out of the valley.

Getting there:
From Baked Beans Bend go up Belmont Trig South for almost 50m to a signposted intersection just before a wooden gate. Horokiwi Valley is the track heading down towards the north.

This track ends in a clearing at a T-intersection with Horokiwi Bridleway.

Length: 1.29km

Conditions: Single track

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