East Cape lighthouse


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Location: East Cape, Gisborne, New Zealand

Short walk to the eastern-most lighthouse in the world.

Grade: Easy

Access: Foot

From the carpark on the grass verge, there is a well-marked track with 750 steps up to the lighthouse. There are good views, but expect it to be windy. Also expect there to be other people around, despite the remoteness of the location.

Getting there:
The lighthouse is signposted from Te Araroa, and is 22 km along a road which is now partially sealed. The last 5 km are unsealed.

Other notes:
There are no toilets at the location. There is a turning circle at the end of the road, which is a little way past the lighthouse.

Length: 0.62km

Conditions: Single track

gain154m loss154m begin0m end154m

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