Waiakaka West track


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Also known as: West track

Location: Ohakune, Ruapehu, New Zealand

West track is one of a series of old logging tracks that run through the Rangataua forest nature reserve. These tracks are basically not maintained and are known for their great mud. These tracks can become boggy, and are best ridden through the dryer months.

Grade: Intermediate3+

Access: Bike and Foot

This map starts from Rangataua. Keep going to the end of Nei st, until you get to a gravel road go straight ahead untill you come to a raiway bridge go under it and cross the stream. If you get your line right you can get to the otherside without getting your feet wet. Continue east along the railway service track for about a 1 km then you will notice a track that turns north directly into the forest this is West track. About halfway up this track it opens into a clearing continue up for another 2 kms until you meet Rangataua Rd.

Getting there:
From Ohakune, either ride or drive past the Junction, and then turn right into Railway row. Keep going until you get to a bridge that crosses the railway and keep driving on the road parallel to the railway line (Dreadnought road) until you get to the Rangataua village go to the end of road and start your ride from here.

Length: 5.28km

Conditions: Single track

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