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Location: Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand

Northern entry to the Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, via a series of switchbacks.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

This is a popular route into and out of the Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, particularly in combination with Zac's Track and Wahine.

The Makara Road end of this track zig zags along a 100m high ridge via 14 switchbacks. Many of the switchbacks are rocky and tight, making them a challenge – especially when climbing. Above the top switchback there is a short, usually overgrown, track that detours up to a trig station.

About 0.1km from the top, at a hairpin bend, the track meets T3 and Vertigo.

Just above the second from bottom switchback there are a couple of wooden posts in the track, so if descending you'll need to slow down for that. The bottom switchback is on a short asphalt section that runs from a steel gate at the bottom up to the water tank that is clearly visible in the map.


Getting there:
The top meets Snake Charmer directly opposite the end of Zac's Track.

The bottom is on Makara Road, just 0.1km from the southern end of lostworld with the top of Wahine less than 0.2km further along.

Other notes:
This track is named after Gareth Varley, a young mountain biker who was killed crossing a road while representing New Zealand at the 1998 World Mountain Bike Championships in Quebec. Also see the Gareth Varley Memorial track.

There is a memorial to Gareth on a prominant rock above the intersection of Varley's, Zac's Track, and Snake Charmer. The plaque says "In memory of Gareth Varley. Tragically killed while representing New Zealand at the 1998 World Mountain Bike Championships. Ride in peace. Erected by the Victoria University Mountain Bike Club and Friends on behalf of the Mountain Bike community".
Gareth Varley Memorial

Length: 1.07km

Conditions: Single track

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