Dry Creek


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Location: Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Mixed single track and steep 4x4 road, providing a loop around the Dry Creek valley.

Grade: Intermediate

Access: Bike and Foot

This track is divided into six distinct stages, travelling clockwise from the Boulder Hill (western) end:

Gentle single track meanders through bush and open country.

A change in character sees the track get narrower, more technical, and steeper – abruptly dropping almost 100m to a small bridge over Dry Creek.

Steep climb to meet a 4x4 farm road, which is about 2.0km from Boulder Hill. Continue heading clockwise – the road in the other direction ends after 0.4km at a locked gate marked with a "Private property - keep out" sign.

The 4x4 road drops a little and then continues climbing up Haywards Hill (though not to the summit) at an intially rather steep average gradient of 18%.

From the highest point, the 4x4 road drops 250m down to the valley floor. Soon after the descent starts you'll pass the western end of Haywards, next to a pylon. Beware that the last 0.5km of the descent is particularly brake-sizzling – watch out for ruts and loose gravel.

Finally, there is a gentle path on which to unwind as you cruise back to the car park.

The following video includes the climb from the car park towards Boulder Hill before joining the Dry Creek Loop. [video]

Getting there:
Western end is 3.0km up the Boulder Hill track.

The eastern end starts from the car park, follows a gentle path for 350m into the valley, then heads up a steep 4x4 road to the right.

Other notes:
Easiest done in a clockwise direction, in association with the first part of Boulder Hill.

Length: 5.46km

Conditions: 4wd

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