Norfolk Island

Mid-way between Australia and New Zealand, Norfolk Island is actually an Australian territory but is also a popular New Zealand tourist destination. The island is small - about 34 square kilometres, with 32 kilometres of coastline. The roads are bumpy but sealed, and suitable for cycling. Bicycles may be hired in Burnt Pine from Norfolk Land and Sea (western end of the township). There are also a number of walking tracks, especially in the National Park area around Mt Pitt and Mt Bates. The island is warm all year round with temperatures in the low-mid 20's (Celcius) and humidity can also be quite high at times.

Phillip Island lies 7 km south of Norfolk Island, and may be visited during good weather. Check out the Phillip Island trek at the tourist information centre on Burnt Pine. Nepean Island lies 2 km south off Kingston, but is not usually visited by tourists.




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