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Use (Official?)Track Gradings




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Currently the tracks are graded from Beginner, Easy, Intermediate and all the way to extreme. Is there some description about what these gradings mean? For example Mountain Bike New Zealand uses a 1-6 grading scheme to describe tracks.... and the CMBC MTB club has a 1-5 rating system (which is has fairly similiar descriptions...) CMBC Ride Grading: Grade One: Fairly flat, wide and smooth track and gravel roads. Suitable for all first time riders e.g. Hagley Park. Grade Two: Gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes. You couldn't ride it in your sleep but beginners will still enjoy these rides e.g. The Traverse Track, Victoria Park Grade Three: Challenging riding with steep slopes and/or tricky obstacles possible on a narrow track with poor traction. Requires riding experience and some fitness e.g. Worsleys Track or VIctoria Park in the Eucalyptus trees Grade Four: Killer climbs, dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners. Some sections are easier and safer to walk. Grade Five: Trials skills essential to clear huge obstacles and/or frictionless surfaces. Only a handful of riders will enjoy these rides. E.g. Pylon Track – Hanmer Springs.


And if this site is also being used for walking and running tracks as well - Do the tracks need a seperate gradings for each activity.... As I can imagine that an intermediate walking track is going to be a difficult biking track....
Rob Lancaster, 28 Sep 2009 22:41

As far as I know, the grades aren't defined anywhere on Tracks. My interpretation is that they align with Mountain Bike New Zealand's grading system.

I agree that track grades for walking and biking aren't necessarily the same, though it isn't clear how to deal with that.

Perhaps a new FAQ would be in order.
Ian, 29 Sep 2009 09:41

I've added a new FAQ Q&A that replicates the Mountain Bike NZ grading system.
Ian, 30 Sep 2009 09:51




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