Feature: Improve multiple tracks per map view


Improve multiple tracks per map view









This is a continuation of adding multiple tracks per map, see here for full detail.


(From #0011, Ian)
I've added some more pieces of the puzzle in another example. This one uses image overlays and a few other tricks to get around the limitations of the Google Earth map type. The result is that the 2D and 3D map types interact in more-or-less the same way. There are some quirks though, as noted in the bullet points.

As for markers, there are a few variations scattered around, eg. Mt Climie has a couple of peak markers.
Jonny, 3 Jun 2009 12:37

(from #0011, Ian)
Another issue to consider: in a few places I've used different colours to indicate different track access types - for example, 'Foot only' for the middle section of Duck Creek, or track sections under construction for Car Parts Extension. It would be good to retain this sort of distinction and apply it consistently (not that I always have).
Jonny, 3 Jun 2009 12:37

v2.160 of the Google Maps API has substantially improved the integration of 2D and 3D map types, as discussed in the Google Geo Developers Blog. This should greatly simplify the coding needed for interactive multi-track maps that are consistent across the 2D and 3D map types.

However, API v2.160 has a bug that prevents it from working properly, so we'll have to wait for Google to fix it before the 3D track interaction can progress.

In the meantime, any thoughts on whether to display the mouseover track information using HTML (as currently implemented) or using image overlays (which are probably easier for the 3D map type)?
Ian, 5 Jun 2009 11:52

An information box is displayed upon the mouseover event for a track line on a map. The box includes a "Length" field, which shows the total length of the track. However, this is misleading for tracks that consist of multiple segments. It would be better if the length of the specific track segment were displayed instead of the total length.

Given that the server now calculates the track length automatically (thanks to Feature #0054), some of the functionality required to implement this feature already exists.
Ian, 16 Aug 2009 08:57

Good point. This should be easy to do.
Jonny, 18 Aug 2009 14:31

Adding length per-track segment as part of Altitude profile charts
capuchin, 20 Jun 2010 17:38




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