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Printing pages from Tracks doesn't work well - the content is mangled to the point of being almost unusable. This occurs across a variety of browsers.

I wonder if having a CSS media type for print would help?

Alternatively, or perhaps in addition, being able to print a mini track guide to take on a ride would be a useful feature?


Good idea. This is reasonably easy to do. Could also output PDFs maybe.
Jonny, 28 Apr 2009 01:05

From Jay's suggested feature 0055 (which I have closed as a duplicate):

Hi guys I often use the description and map to help navigate to riding spots in the Welly region that I haven't been to. I think it would be a valuable feature if you were able to print out the track description textbox and the map. At the moment the print command will print out about 5-7 pages per track. It starts out with the navigator bar, then the updates then the track description. The map doesn't print at all. I think a simple 1-2 page print set up would be awesome. Hey thanks for this site. It is brilliant!
Jonny, 13 Sep 2009 08:16

Bum. It seems that you cannot print the Google satellite maps at all, street view only. I can still make a much nicer printable version of the other stuff.
Jonny, 13 Sep 2009 08:22

Ah but it looks like I can with V3 of Google maps. Now need to investigate if I can use all the other map features with V3, it's still kinda new. They are focusing on speed over features initially for V3.
Jonny, 13 Sep 2009 08:32

In what sense do you mean that "you cannot print the Google satellite maps at all" – as a technical issue or a licence issue?

The simplest way of solving the technical issue is to change the CSS link to be something like: media="screen, print". It ain't pretty (eg. a map that crosses a page break will only partially print), but it does print the satellite images.

My reading of the Google Permissions is that printing of the type contempated here is OK, so there shouldn't be any licence issues.

As for API v3, my impression is that it is targetted at displaying maps on mobile devices, so doesn't have most of the functionality of v2 (yet). In particular, polylines haven't been implemented – which makes it useless for the Tracks maps.
Ian, 13 Sep 2009 12:55

Ok that was my mistake. The maps do print. I have a simple printable version in dev that I am playing with, wont be long...
Jonny, 14 Oct 2009 19:27


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