Wainuiomata trail project

The Wainuiomata Trail Project (WTP) is a mountain bike park under active development. The project's objective is to create a range of mountain bike and walking tracks on the hills between Mount Towai and Wainuiomata. Hutt City Council intends to name this reserve area Waiu Park.

Several tracks have been completed, ranging in difficulty from a beginner track (Wetland Loop), through to dedicated downhill tracks with challenging drops and other obstacles (Beeline and Spoonhill).

Access to the tracks is via either the saddle of Wainuiomata Hill or from the end of Waiu Street. The land at the end of Waiu Street has a sizeable cark park, with a tap and drinking foundtain. (Public toilet hoped to be installed later in 2011). Motorcross riders frequently make use of an area near the Waiu Street carpark, however are prohibited from using the trails listed here.

The WTP has secured funding from the Hutt City Council to assist with development of the project. Even so, most of the tracks have been built by volunteers, led and coordinated by a local school teacher.

Popular Routes


If you are new the park and mountain biking, start at Waiu Street and try Wetland Loop, or one grade higher, make a clockwise loop formed by Jungle Scout, Jungle Gym, Snail Trail, and the eastern section of Wetland Loop. Thereafter you can explore the tracks as you wish, as the remainder are progressively harder.

Track building


Work is currently underway on:

Nga Tuna: connection between the bottom of Spoonhill and the Wetland Loop. See Wtp Link Track Working Bees for further information.

Westside: new track within the wetland area enclosed by Wetland Loop. See Wtp: New Trail Digs Westside for build details.

The Directa: connection between Wetland Loop and the intersection of Jungle Gym and Beeline.

Towai Traverse: Heads north from the intersection of Labyrinth and Spoonhill.

Banker: Short track inside (and in the south west portion of) the loop of Wetland Loop.

Further information


See the Wainuiomata Trail Project website, blog, and Facebook page for more information.

Refer to Wainuiomata for other tracks in this vicinity.

The following video of Wetland Loop shows the Waiu Street carpark and provides helpful notes showing intersections of many of the tracks in the area:



Track type/distance summary


Single track


Double track


Total distance


Total number of tracks for Wainuiomata trail project: 14

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