Mt Victoria

Mt Victoria is a great place to ride close to the city. You can be in the midst of the action within 5 minutes of the CBD. Mt Vic offers all year round riding options that are great for a lunchtime ride or for a quick night ride after work.

Mt Vic is flush with wide walking paths (easy) and rooty single track (easy to intermediate). To connect to both sides you're likely to have to ride up, or down, Alexandra Rd at some stage.

The paths are all dual use so they are likely to be used by walkers, runners and dog owners. Please ride a little conservatively if you are out there at peak times.

Overview of tracks


Cross-Country Riding

Most of the good cross country rides run between the lookout at Oriental Bay and the Newtown end of the reserve (parallel to the main walkways). Once you've explored a bit, you'll easily put together a fun 6-8 km loop with lots of alternatives.

Down Hill

There are some decent downhill options running from the Hataitai Park side towards town. Many of these runs cut across the main walkways so down-hillers please take care at the points where runs cross main walkways. Conflict between riders and walkers could cause the council to rethink their access policy.

Where to start

The single track networks aren't sign posted so they aren't very legible (they lack identity). This makes it a bit hard to describe rides to unfamiliar riders.

The following is an easy Figure 8 circuit that gives a taste of the variety of tracks on Mount Victoria:

Enter via Marjoribanks St.

From the park at the top of Marjoribanks St take the Southern Walkway to the top.

At the top cross the road and descend down the sealed path opposite the green fence.

Once past the gate flow the main trail to the right until you come to a torn up clay section. There is another gate at the bottom.

Once out of the gate turn right and follow the trail round behind the velodrome.

Follow the main path that turns off to the right.

At the end of this path turn right for a short climb back up to the bottom of Alexandra Rd.

At the top of the short climb turn left and re-enter the path.

You'll come out at an open field the path turns right up the hill, but head straight. You should see a single track cut across the small grass field. Follow it into the tree line.

There are a few roots here. Zip along until you get to a 90 right hand turn. At this point you should be able to see Campbell St. If you keep going straight you'd leave the area.

The sharp right hand turn takes you back to a short piece of track.

At the wooden track marker hang a hard right and head back up the short but steep climb back to Alexander Rd.

Head up Alexandra Rd to the old hospital – there are two paths take the one to the left. This will take you to the soccer field.

Head around the gate to the field and back to Alexandra Rd.

Climb up Alexandra Rd to the hub (of the figure 8). On your right is the sealed path leading back to the velodrome.

Cross inside the green fence and turn right. There are two options. The higher trail (on the right) leads to a 4WD down hill.

Take the lower trail on the left.

As you enter the tree cover turn right down hill. Follow the main trail until you come to a fork. The track to the left is a little more technical.

Cross the main trail and take the right hander that heads slightly up hill.

You should end up going through a tree tunnel where the bush completely encloses you.

From here basically follow your nose and you'll end up back at Marjoribanks Park.

Now that you have that basic run, start exploring by taking any of the many single tracks you passed along the way.

A sampling of what Mt Victoria has to offer

A casual pre-race partial lap of the 2010 PNP Mt. Vic race circuit

Track building


In December 2008 the Wellington City Council announced an upgrade to the Mount Victoria track network. Improvements include:

Smoother track surface, better stormwater run-off.

Removal of unnecessary steps and upgrade of remaining steps.

New track around the city side of Mt Alfred.

Construction of the Mt Vic Skills Area.

Two circular mountain bike routes – Mt Vic Easy and Mt Vic Intermediate – highlighted with track markers and on map boards.

Further information


A simple map can be found at the Feeling Great website.



Track type/distance summary


Single track


Double track


Gravel road


Total distance


Total number of tracks for Mt Victoria: 30

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