Wrights Hill

Wrights Hill is the site of a fortress, built during World War II to protect Wellington city from naval attack. The fortress, which is mostly underground, has open days several times a year when the public can explore the numerous tunnels, gun emplacements, magazines, etc.

As part of Wellington's outer green belt, Wrights Hill provides connections between the Makara Peak mountain bike park and the Polhill area. The Wrights Hill tracks often form part of longer excursions, particularly via the Salvation, Deliverance, and Fenceline tracks.

Under the WCC Track Recreation Activities Policy, dated November 2008, all of the tracks on Wrights Hill are open to mountain bikes except for Paparata and Mewburn Rise. As at July 2009 the old "no bikes" signage is still in place, through there are plans to update the signage with new map boards and directional bollards.

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More information about the history and restoration of the fortress, plus a schedule of open day dates, can be found at the Wrights Hill Fortress Restoration Society website.



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