Miramar is a peninsular on the eastern fringe of Wellington city.

The Massey Memorial is at the northern tip of the peninsular. Currently the land around the Massey Memorial is not readily accessible for recreational purposes, but there are calls for the area to be designated as Massey Regional Park. If a regional park is created, there is potential for the Maupuia Reserve tracks to link into a wider track network around the northern end of the headland.

Track building


Since late 2008 the Miramar Track Project has been working to create a recreational area for running, walking and mountain biking in the Maupuia Reserve. For further information see the project's Facebook page.

The reserve includes disused farmland south of Wellington Prison (otherwise known as Mount Crawford Prison), which closed temporarily in 2008 and reopened in July 2009.

Tracks currently being developed include Bootleg, Conviction, and Jail Brake. Note that the track names reflect the site's location immediately below Wellington Prison.



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Total number of tracks for Miramar: 19

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