Tinakori Hill

Tinakori Hill (Te Ahumairangi Hill) is part of Wellington's town belt, located only minutes from downtown on the northwestern side of the city.

There is an extensive network of tracks on the hill, primarily on the southeastern side facing the harbour. Due to its proximity to downtown, and being surrounded on all sides by residential areas, the tracks are popular with walkers and runners at all times of the day.

Prior to 2009 only the Tinakori Ridgeline track was open to mountain bikes. In the new Track Recreation Activities Policy (dated November 2008 and released in early 2009) four more tracks were opened to bikes – that is, Grant Road, Huntingdon, Northern Walkway, and the West East Connector.

Track building


At some point mechanisms will be installed on the down hill part of the Northern Walkway and the West East Connector to slow down bikes. Given that these are shared-use tracks, it would be prudent to ride conservatively in the meantime.



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Single track


Double track




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Total number of tracks for Tinakori Hill: 11

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