Round taupo race

Round Taupo Race route


Lake Taupo Region, New Zealand


Not really a track but very well known. The official event Lake Taupo Cycle challenge actually has many different routes depending on the event but this one is the most common road routes. Starting and ending in Taupo this circuit goes around Lake Taupo for approximately 160 km. Round the northern and western side of the lake there are not many settlements with shops till you reach Turangi so go prepared.


Start on the main road of Taupo and head north over the Waikato river, up the hill and take the second left, Poihipi Road for abt 27 km until you reach Marotiri Road. After 5 km you will reach Tihoi Road, state highway 32. Turn left. After 13 km as you pass Tihoi Mill Road the road changes its name to Western Bay road. This road is quite undulating with a few big climbs and can become very tiring. Keep going until Kuratau junction, the intersection between state highway 32 and 41. Turn left. After leaving the junction there is a long steady climb till you reach the top.

There is a good lookout across the lake just before the descent to Lake level and Tokaanu. Look out for the geothermal activity above you on the right as you descend the hill. From there it's all flat till you reach Turangi.

Turn left onto State Highway 1. This is a very busy road but in most places there is room to the left of the white line for cycles.

Leaving Turangi you will cross the Tongriro river. After a few km you get great views of the lake on your left. The road is mostly flat till you reach Motutere bay where the road narrows and climbs up to Bulli Point. Pick your traffic moment wisely to go through this stretch as large trucks and busses don't leave much room on the road. At the top it's worth finding a safe place and taking a moment to look out over the lake. The last big obstacle is Hatepe Hill, a long climb up to a long plateau and then a quick descent into Waitahanui.

From here it's not far to Taupo and your starting point.



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