Pakuratahi Forest

The Pakuratahi Forest covers 8,000ha of rugged hill country on the western side of the Rimutaka ranges. Tracks in this area include those in the Tunnel Gully Recreational Area, Mount Climie, the old Rimutaka rail corridor through to the southern Wairarapa, plus a couple of tracks in the Kaitoke water collection area (which, strictly speaking, is part of the Kaitoke Regional Park).

Most of the forest is native bush, though about 10% of the area is pine plantation.

Pakuratahi Forest is a popular recreational area for walking, tramping, swimming, and mountain biking. The two most popular areas are the historic 1870s Rimutaka Rail Trail/Rimutaka Incline and the Tunnel Gully Recreational Area at the base of Mount Climie.

Access note


Parts of the forest are being logged in 2009. In particular, as of 3 January 2009 the entrances to Station Connection and Station Drive have notices that say: "Authorised access only. Logging trucks operating weekdays from 5 January 2009".

Further information


See the Greater Wellington Regional Council for more information on Pakuratahi Forest and Kaitoke Regional Park.



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Total number of tracks for Pakuratahi Forest: 27

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