The Franklin MTB Club have developed a mountain biking area near [[region:pukekohe]]. It is situated in the Franklin district on the out skirts of the suburb Puni. Their website has a map explaining how to find the track. The club has just finished extending the tack and that map is on the website also.
The initial track is about 4.2km long but with the extra track it has now increased to about 6-8km long. The main track winds it's way through the pine trees. Up hill and down. The track is all well formed and on a hot day is a pleasant place to be. In the wet it can be a bit tricky for the novice but for the advanced it will be just a ride in the park. If you need to do some training for an event then this is a good place to come to train. Grades are displayed on each track.



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Total number of tracks for Pukekohe: 3

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