Hanmer Township

This is the area around the Hanmer Township and a bulk of the areas MTB tracks. These tracks were mapped by me a little while back and I cannot guarantee their accuracy as I know a few of them were up for logging. There is something for everyone here from the family friendly "Forest Park MTB Area" through to Yankee Tank Detox and red rock for a bit more of a challenge. If you are an excersize freak, then the Jacks Pass / Jollies Pass loop will rock your sox. With respect to the Hanmer MTB Club who's only source of income is Sales of their fantastic Trail Maps, There are no GPS file loaded for these tracks, just desriptions. Please purchase a map from the Bike Shop in Hanmer when you visit to support this worthy cause



Track type/distance summary


Single track


Gravel road


Double track


Total distance


Total number of tracks for Hanmer Township: 33

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A Cheeky Monkey production, spot on!