Belmont Regional Park

Belmont Regional Park covers a total of 3500 hectares of hills and valleys between Porirua and the Hutt Valley, including the 1200 hectare Waitangirua Farm. The land has multiple owners, including three city councils (Wellington, Porirua, and Hutt), the Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the Department of Conservation.

Points of interest within the park include: Korokoro Dam, World War II ammunition magazines, and part of the original Old Coach Road. Spectacular views of the park and beyond are on offer from several peaks, including Boulder Hill, Round Knob, Cannons Head, and Belmont Trig.

There are a variety of tracks ranging from gentle bush clad strolls (such as Cornish Street), technical tracks (such as Baked Beans Bend), though to sweet single track, connected by a network of 4x4 farm roads.

Closure of farm areas for lambing


Note that tracks crossing the farm are closed during lambing season, being the nine weeks prior to Labour Weekend. lambing season is from August to October (inclusive).

As a guide to the farm areas, refer to the map of track closures during lambing season.



There are many entrances, enabling a variety of routes through the park. The entrances that have car parking are:

Cornish Street

Oakleigh Street

Stratton Street

Hill Road

Kaitangata Crescent

Dry Creek (intersection of State Highways 2 and 58)

Warspite Avenue, Cannons Creek

Takapu Road

Belmont Road, about 3km off State Highway 58.



Here are a couple of videos from Round 4 of the 2008 PNP MTB Series, held mostly in the forest block of the park â€" including Danzig, Choppers, etc. Both videos were cut from the same, shared footage.

Further information


See the Greater Wellington Regional Council for more information about the park.

There's a variety of interest groups associated with the park, including the Belmont Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA) which was established in late 2009.



Track type/distance summary


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Double track


Gravel road




Total distance


Total number of tracks for Belmont Regional Park: 50

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