Bottle Lake Forest Park

Bottle Lake Forest Park is situated approximately 10km north east of central Christchurch, adjacent to the coast. Bottle Lake Forest is a production forest and trees are felled and logged in a 30 year rotation by the Selwyn Plantation Board. Recreational facilities include mountain-bike tracks, horse-trekking trails and walking tracks. Developed from a farm in the early 1900s the forest expanded from coastal protection plantings to its present size. It is planted with mostly pinus radiata and covers over 800 hectares of coastal sand dunes. The combined area of these forests is four times the size of Hagley Park, and as such, forms an important asset to metropolitan Christchurch. Access The main entrance and car park for Bottle Lake Forest is from Waitikiri Drive, off Burwood Road, via either Marshlands or Burwood. There is also access from Spencer Park, and from North Shore along the Southern Pegasus Bay Track.



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