Waiwhero North

Forestry Block requiring a permit to enter. Very good fitness area with a couple of excellent downhill runs. Suitable for most riders, Grade 2 or better, nothing technical. Good fitness required for the climb back up Short Cut Rd. Suggested ride as follows... Park at the bottom of Mill Rd. Up Mill Road, turn into Link Road, keep heading up to the top of the ridge and all the way along to do the Lookout Loop. On the way back do the Loopback and Longsleive Lowdown, then return up the ridge to go down Gorse Gauntlet. Follow the Mot Highway up until you come to Waiwhero Road, turn in and ride short distance to Short Cut Road. Bike the steep climb back up to the ridge, and along to Shunt Road. Down Shunt Road (firebreak) and take all turns to the left until you come out at the bottom. Follow Waiwhero Road around to Mill Road, then back to carpark.



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A Cheeky Monkey production, nice one!