Parangarahu Lakes

Parangarahu Lakes, which is part of the East Harbour Regional Park, surrounds Lake Kohangapiripiri and Lake Kohangatera. These freshwater lakes, and their associated wetlands, are of "national ecological importance" being home to a wide variety of native plants and wildlife.

The area is popular with walkers and bikers, being especially busy on weekends. Entry to the area is via the large car park at the end of Muritai Road, Eastbourne. Proceed through Burdans Gate and follow Pencarrow along the rugged coastline of Wellington Harbour.

From the Lower Pencarrow Lighthouse, a network of tracks provides several options including: continuing to Baring Head, climbing to the Light house track, a loop around Lake Kohangapiripiri, or traversing Cameron Ridge between the lakes.

The Light house track and other hill tops in the Parangarahu Lakes block provide panoramic views of the lakes, Cook Strait, and Wellington Harbour.

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