Makara Peak

Makara Peak has become Wellington's premier mountain biking destination. With over 40km of tracks set in 250 hectares of regenerating native bush there is something for everyone.

Take the whole family for a cruise around Koru and Lazy Fern, check out the spectacular summit views and berm action on the Grand Loop or get your adrenaline pumping on the gnarly downhills of Vertigo and Trickle Falls.

The Makara Peak tracks can be very busy during weekends and public holidays. If you prefer to avoid the crowds then go early, late, or during the week. As dual use tracks they are also popular with runners and walkers but mostly during times when the number of bikers are lowest.

Further information


See the Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park website for further information, including: a downloadable map of the park's tracks, suggested routes for bikers and walkers, location map, photos, videos, links to media articles and a volunteer work party schedule for both conservation and track building/maintenance.

See the Makara Peak Supporters facebook page for the latest news.



Makara Peak berm rider

Makara Peak fern rider

Dirt Merchant riders at Makara Summit

Heading down Zac's



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Total number of tracks for Makara Peak: 36

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