Tracks started out in mid 2005 as an exploration into creating an online resource around mountain biking in Wellington. The scope was changed to include walking tracks when we started running, doing family walks etc. Wellington is a great city for doing this with a large and varied track network.

There are various existing track resources but they mostly try to cover all of New Zealand which means only detail on a few choice tracks or they are erratic with their coverage. So far none attempt to maintain data on current track status etc. We also wanted to have a really fine-grained guide to be able to cover lots of tracks in a small area, even if they may only be short connectors.

In Feb 2009 Tracks was extended to potentially cover all of New Zealand. Track info will be slowly added by interested locals we hope.

In May 2010 the source code behind Tracks was open-sourced and is available on github for interested developers.

It is very likely that progress will be slow and erratic as life is always busy. You are welcome to contribute.

Latest back-end updates


The intent of this section is to provide info on recent updates, prove that there is progress, and maybe to keep us focused on making things better!

Update, 7 May 2010

Released the website code to github ==> Tracks.

Update, 5 May 2010

Changed hosting company after 2 weeks of instability. New servers are zipping along.

Release 51, 13 October 2009

0036 New simple printer-friendly track pages

0034 Search result links now open in same window

Release 50 7 October 2009

Fixed tricky bug that caused home page maps and all region view/edit maps to break.

Release 49, 29 Sept 2009

0071 Rolled-back the user settable video size as it was causing problems, videos are still larger though.

Release 48, 26 Sept 2009

0069 Made the default video size larger. Also added user default setting.

0070 Add Vimeo media option, [[media:vimeo:ref]]

Sorted out proper deploy using Capistrano

(full change history can be found here)

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